Fayuca Premieres New Acoustic Music Video for "Tricky Sneaky Sleeves"

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What inspired you guys to make this kind of video series? Gabriel: When we approached the label about this, it basically came from my passion from when I first heard Nirvana Unplugged. That's what inspired me to start a band, and soon after that I met Raf. Having that approach to music, where you're not afraid to show the music organically, without all of the bells and whistles and the harmonies and the drums. It's just pure.

Jeff, our label manager, always says a good song can be sung any way. It can be sung with a guitar by campfire -- it doesn't matter what genre it is, any song can be sung organically. So, we thought, why not give this to the people who are listening to our music. They might want to hear the lyrics clearly, and the cracks in my voice and the notes that I struggle with. They want to see that Raf can tone it down and just beat a cajón.

Raf: It gives them something new to hear.

Raf, you play with a lot of energy. Was it hard for you to tone it down for this series? Raf: At first it was, because you can't turn down rock 'n' roll. At first, it was hard, but after practice and time, and becoming more mature, and knowing where you stand, it's just growing up. This is relaxing. It's like going to work and taking it easy. The cajón is a fun instrument. It has its technique, but you just have to learn how to tone it down.

Gabriel: We talked about this before. I always wanted Raf to play percussion with me at these acoustic gigs, but it's a little boring for him to play the bongos. I remember when he discovered it in Albuquerque, our friend Marcos showed Raf some simple hits, and from there he took off. He found something that was more than the one to two bongo hits.

Raf: I learned a lot from famous drummers that I've watched. They all say everyone wants to rock it at first. But you can't rock it 24-7. I learned that from my favorite drummer, Stewart Copeland from The Police. He's my inspiration.

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