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Five Reasons Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" Rivals Rebecca Black's "Friday" In Stupidity

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Nicole's prior experience in the entertainment biz include being a backup hip-hop dancer on two Kidz Bop productions. She's also done some acting and has a little so-called singing here and there. A note about the singing: it doesn't really sound like singing, but it's cute that she's trying, I guess.

It's not that bashing young girls' hopeless dreams makes me feel good, and I'm not a troll. It's just that it's impossible for anyone to have nothing negative to say about what Westbrook and Wilson probably call "a beautiful masterpiece." Allow me to break down all of the things that are wrong with this song and video.

Don't Bother Reminding Me of the Major Holidays; I'm American and I Know Them Already

Patrice sings, "December was Christmas / January was New Year's / April was Easter / And the Fourth of July, now it's Thanksgiving." If his objective was to solely sing about bits of common knowledge, he should have added a line that goes something like, "I know this song is awful but at least I'm making an effort." He should really also break away from the calendar themes he tends to include in his lyrics because they're just not working out. A side note for the second time the chorus comes around: an "aww yeah" hand motion shouldn't really ever accompany the word Easter.

That Chorus is Reminiscent of "Friday"

There's that line again, the one that goes "we, we, we (fill in the blank)." Instead of being "so excited," as Rebecca Black was, Nicole prefers to state that she and her friends "are gonna have a good time." Then she lists some traditional Thanksgiving foods. Listen, little girl, nobody has to have attended an American Thanksgiving dinner to know what's probably going to be on the damn table, so don't tell me twice.

One of These People is Older Than the Others

At least in the "Friday" music video, Patrice is completely removed from any kiddie activities. Is Wilson supervising the kids' table or is he just sitting there creepin'? Giving thanks for good creeping skills is no way to spend Thanksgiving.

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