Five Songs That Speak to Those Celebrating the Jodi Arias Guilty Verdict

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5. Buckcherry, "Crazy Bitch" More than a few people have mentioned it in reference to Arias online, including one person who stated, "I think that band Buckcherry wrote a song about Jodi Arias. How they can see into the future is beyond me." If you've been following the Arias trial and all the media coverage, no doubt your eyes and ears have been filled with all the wild and salacious details of Arias and Alexander's sex life -- like their various trysts and phone sex episodes -- which makes this track by one-hit wonders Buckcherry seem apt.

4. Poppy and the Usual Suspects, "Jodi Arias Song" The local blues-rock band, fronted by harmonica player Poppy Harpman, got some local and national media attention (including appearances on FOX 10 and Headline News) with its quirky, low-key track about the killer, her bloody murder of Alexander, and her penchant for changing her story. Sample lyrics: "She claimed self-defense / When she used a gun / But she stabbed him with a knife / To make sure the job was done / Ask her a question she will lie / Ask her a question she may cry."

3. PapaBaerProductions, "Jodi Arias Rap Song" They aren't the only local musicians to pen a track inspired by Arias and the murder trial, however, as a 71-year-old Valley man named Howard Baer (surprisingly) wrote a profanity-laced rap track recently about the murderess and had a local rapper/producer lay down the beats and rhymes. It's gotten more than 24,000 hits on YouTube thus far.

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