Five Sound Strike Bands We'd Like to See Perform in Arizona

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Kanye West (with Jay-Z)

Love him or hate him (and we know plenty of folks who do both), Kanye West is a complicated guy. Think he's little more than the guy who interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs and accused George W. Bush of not caring about people? Listen to 2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, on which he fashioned his torrid personal life into a stunning monument to his ego and talent. Since he joined The Sound Strike, we missed out on the Fantasy tour, as well as the recent Watch the Throne tour with Jay-Z.

I doubt that the duo is still willing to perform "Niggas in Paris" upwards of 10 times at one show, but just look at that setlist.


I was really excited to see Yeasayer in 2010, but the Rhythm Room show sold out, so I bought a ticket to see them play at Club Congress in Tucson instead. It was mindblowing. SB 1070 was drafted a few days after Yeasayer's two Arizona shows, and the band's conscience dictated them joining Sound Strike; I'm glad I made the show before.

Yeasayer no longer shows up on The Sound Strike site, so maybe we can hear "Henrietta" live soon.

LA Weekly music blog West Coast Sound concisely sums it up with "if you don't believe in magic, this is not the band for you."

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Melissa Fossum
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