Five TV Show Theme Songs Without Lyrics You'll Sing Along With Anyway

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5. The Walking Dead

Intense music and desolate town images are perfect for a world covered in walkers or biters, call them whatever you must. We're always wondering what on earth Rick is going to do next, whether Michonne will chop a zombie's head off again with a samurai sword, and has Carl gone dark?

But the anticipation wouldn't be so acute if the theme song weren't so compatible with the tension. Personally I rate this one a nail-biter with a bit of a hum.

4. Breaking Bad

Okay, yeah, get mad at me and state the obvious: "That is not a theme song."

In my world, at least, it is. I understand it isn't as long as your typical show's opening credits, but then again it's longer than the opening of one of my favorite shows, Lost. Sure, it's a tad short, but it really makes me feel like I'm in a chemistry lab with a gun, playing the bongos.

Is that just me?

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