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The spirited singer might be dismayed to learn that the real "gods" behind the song's resurrection are merely a handful of Top 40 program directors trying to flex some of their own hit-picking muscle on a nationwide scale. "It's kinda neat to see these records we pick out of thin air being regenerated," admits Todd Fisher, delighted over news that Polydor plans to re-release the single. "In a way, we're kinda getting off on it. And when you do something like this--bring a record back from the dead--your station gets a reputation in the industry as a free thinker."

In the end, given Fisher's analysis, Mardones seems to have become little more than a playing piece in the popular new radio game of bringing back forgotten songs as heavy-rotation "currents." It could have just as easily been Rupert Holmes.

But Benny Mardones is too all-fired up on life right now even to consider such a cynical explanation. "Somebody's doing something, man," he booms in a voice exuding the full measure of his renewed vigor. "I owe somebody something. I just don't know who to thank!

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