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Forty '90s Albums That Still Hold Up

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20. Ben Harper and Innocent Criminals - Fight for Your Mind (1995). I love Ben and the boys. This is one of four albums I still listen to, the best of the best.

19. God Street Wine - $1.99 Romances (1995). Another "Who?" from you, I'm sure. I don't care. These boys can play and this album always makes me perk up.

18. Francis Dunnery - Tall Blonde Helicopter (1995). The most underrated album of the entire decade in my book. I still can't believe he didn't make it big.

17. Femi Kuti - Shoki Shoki (1999). One of the first world music albums I embraced. The son of the legend Fela Kuti led me to an expanded collection and a lot of great stuff.

16. Buena Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club (1997). A completely powerful in-store play seller. Timeless Cuban classic. I was lucky enough to see them in New York City.

15. Incognito - Positivity (1994). Jazzy R&B, featuring the powerful voice of Maysa Leak, which I discovered upon meeting my beautiful wife (who was my ultimate '90s discovery).

14. Jeff Healey Band - Hell to Pay (1990). Blues-rock at its finest. How do you not love a cool blind guy who plays the guitar on his lap? Both of his trio's first two albums still hold up.

13. Jellyfish - Bellybutton (1990). This silly little album reminds of such a great era in my life (for that matter, so does the whole decade). Totally unique to this day.

12. Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said (1991) Poor Lenny. I can still hear his broken heart to this day. A '70s sound, created in the '90s, that still sounds now.

11. Joe Jackson - Laughter and Lust (1991). Critics would say it was even in Joe's top five, but I just love it to death. Witty, catchy, groovy.

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