Friday the 13th, Obscura's Scott Pilgrim Party, Hip-hop Hustlers, and Other Weekend Events

Superstitious Fridays

This being Friday the 13th, it probably wouldn't be the wisest idea to cross paths with any black cats, lest you'd to break your mothers back, or be on the receiving end of seven years of bad luck...or something like that (sorry, we can't keep our superstitions straight sometimes). Since girls in black catsuits, however, are a different story altogether, we recommend attending tonight's late-night hootenanny at Afterlife, feline-inclined female wearing such outrageous outfits get reduced cover before 11 pm. (4282 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, 631-742-1822)

First Friday After First Friday 

It goes without saying that Downtown Phoenix's premier art event is an absolutely boffo blast...if you're a patron that is. Gallery owners, musicians, and others involved with running the damn thing probably don't let loose as much as you might, however, especially since they're frantically busy. Which is why a few artist types at The Quincy are putting on F.F.A.F.F. to afford their creative brethren a chance to celebrating without having to worry if someone's about to steal their paintings. What's planned? Per the Facebook event page: "Art+Music+Food+Good People," with Djentrification and special guest Issa providing the beats and bumps. 2 a.m. (1321 E. McDowell Rd.)

The Kepler Mission at Rogue Bar (Friday)

"KWSS 106.7 may very well be the Valley's best kept secret. Operating as one of the only truly independent radio stations, they're not afraid to play the songs that you always thought should've been on the radio, but for some reason never quite made it. They also do a pretty fantastic job of playing a large number of local bands, and even having them in the studio to do live on-air interviews. This week they're bringing California's The Kepler Mission to town along with a slew of locals as supporting acts..." (click here to read more) 8 p.m., $5. (423 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, 480-947-3580) -- Sarah Ventre

Abstract Rude at Hidden House (Friday)
"The Project Blowed open-mic series, created in 1994 at L.A.'s Good Life Café, became the hangout for the underground rap scene then and acted as an incubator for the many L.A. MCs who rock mics now. Lucky us, Project Blowed co-founder Abstract Rude shows and proves his mettle with a special in-town performance..." (click here to read more) 9 p.m., $10. (607 W. Osborn Rd., 602-266-1763) -- Jose Gonzalez

Tempe Art A Gogh-Gogh at Sail Inn (Friday)
"You don't have to smoke anything to feel like you're on drugs at a Some Say We Came from the Stars show. The one-man outfit crafts a psychedelic experience complete with a visual arts presentation incorporating lights and colors to go with the act's electro/ambient music. Some Say We Came from the Stars is currently promoting the project's latest release, Mouth Full of Smoke, and the peaceful sounds of that project will be juxtaposed by high-energy, thrashy punk noise from Smoky Mountain Skullbusters when the bands play Tempe Art A Gogh-Gogh this Friday..." (click here for more) 6 p.m., $3-$8. (26 S. Farmer Ave., Tempe, 480-966-9565) -- Nicki Escudero

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Dance Party at Rips (Saturday)
Edgar Wright's awesome new film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -- which hits theatres today -- will undoubtedly delight geeks and gamers everywhere with its spazzy visuals and even spazzier references, its just as much a celebration of indie and alt-rock. The titular character is the bassist in an unsigned band and haunts record shops, the flick parodies music scene politics, and the object of his affections (a.k.a. Ramona Flowers) sports the punkest hair we've ever scene. (Plus the soundtrack is pretty boss, boasting the likes of Beck, Broken Social Scene, Metric, and Black Lips.) So we didn't bat an eye when DJs Roya and Funkfinger announced the latest Obscura would be Scott Pilgrim themed. Besides their usual mix of indie and New Wave, they'll host guest DJ Austin Head of Crotch Rockitt, award tickets to upcoming concerts, and give away copies of said soundtrack (in both CD and vinyl form), as well as a slew of movie swag. 9 p.m., $5. (3045 N. 16th St., 602-266-0015)

Big Vinny and the Cattle Thieves at Yucca Tap Room (Saturday)
"The battle cry of the rawest punk rock and proto-hardcore bands circa 1978-84 was "louder, faster, shorter" and the attitude behind that ethos was about shearing away rock and roll's accumulated excesses (tedious and/or showoff instrumental soloing, meandering songs). That premise is the bread and butter, the meat and cheese, the pepperoni and mushroom for locals Big Vinny and his Cattle Thieves..." (click here to read more) 8 p.m., free. (29 W. Southern Ave., Tempe, 480-967-4777) -- Mark Keresman

A Boy Named Sioux at San Felipe's Cantina (Sunday)
"Get your gritty Southern rock fix this weekend as A Boy Named Sioux takes the stage. The band, influenced by the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Waylon Jennings, plays its own blend of "outlaw country," which they've brought to the stage since 2007 and won them the title "Best Local Band" in New Times 2008 Best of Phoenix issue..." (click here to read more) 3-8 p.m., free. (2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Tempe, 480-736-8226) -- Nicki Escudero

HomeBase: The Poets' Poetry Set at Wyndham Phoenix Hotel (Sunday)

"How about something mellow to ease that transition to the work week? During the first and third Sunday evenings of each month, we suggest you hit HomeBase: The Poets' Poetry Set. Sign-up for spoken-word and musical performers starts at 6 p.m. for the 7 o'clock open-mic set. Or just listen since each event also includes at least one extremely cool featured poet..." (click here for more) $7. (50 E. Adams St., 602-333-0000) -- Julie Peterson

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