FYF Fest Day Two: My Bloody Valentine, MGMT, Baroness, and More (PHOTOS)

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MGMT was also a lot of fun, alternating tripped-out psychedelic rock songs with danceable cuts from 2007's Oracular Spectacular. While "Kids" and "Electric Feel" (not surprisingly) inspired most of the crowd to groove, "Weekend Wars" also merited a bit of a singalong.

Things got pretty wacky as singer/guitarist Andrew VanWyngarden introduced a guest drummer to play the giant cowbell -- revealing Henry Winkler wielding one gigantic drumstick. The band's visuals matched the drug-addled joi de vivre of songs like "Time to Pretend."

!!! was another fun band to watch. The band's electropop sound was enough to get the crowd going, but frontman Nic Offer made the ordeal memorable thanks to his dance moves. He didn't stay in one place long, climbing on amps and pointing to where he was planning on grooving on stage.

During instrumental breaks, he looked more like a Zumba instructor than a singer, but then again, group exercise would be a lot more fun if it were always led by a man sporting Rolling Stones underwear.

At the same time, one stage over, Baroness performed an incredible set. The band was slated to play at 2012's FYF Fest but had to cancel after its members were involved in a bus crash in England. A year later, the band appears to have made a full recovery -- frontman John Baizley was en pointe and thanked fans for their patience.

Guitarist Peter Adams was particularly entertaining to watch as he flailed his long blonde hair around and pointed his guitar toward the audience during guitar solos. Baroness' heavy set mostly focused on material from 2012's fantastic Yellow & Green, with "Take My Bones Away" creating one of the biggest dust clouds of moshing fans of the entire festival.

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