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Geek Beat: Live (Almost) Nude Girls at the Pretty Things Peep Show

Woah! Wait just a minute. This can't possibly be Geek Beat, can it? Where are the nerds? The thick glasses and pocket protector-wearing, techie lingo speaking, socially inept dweebs who got shoved into lockers and pantsed in gym class? Well, dear readers, this nerdolicious babe is here to tell you what you're missing in non-geek land. In this case, hot retro honeys who take their clothes off and do strange acts in the vein of the original "geek."

As any self-respecting geek knows, the word "geek" was originally circus lingo for a performer with an unusual act. Though today's circus has gone to the dogs (well, more like the kids...friggin' creepy clowns), acts like the Pretty Things Peep Show have revived the earlier traditions of stage magic, "freak" acts like fire eating and walking on glass and, of course, Gypsy Rose Lee style burlesque. That's exactly what we saw this past Friday at The Trunk Space, where the current three Pretty Things parked their asses -- and their RV -- for the evening.  

Circus freaks and geeks (with photo slideshow!) after the jump...

Clearly it pays to make your living as a sideshow freak, as local performer Dr. Reverend Stephen Strange got to play around with three gorgeous half-naked ladies all night -- at their request. No glass-walking or scorpion eating for him this time, but we did get to see his signature tennis racket act and the corny trick above, whereby he bound two unsuspecting guests (one of which was local pop culture princess

The two burlesque beauties, Go-Go Amy and Bettie May, performed a couple of striptease acts climaxing in a pastie reveal (see our photo slideshow!), but Amy went one step further when the tattooed Insectavora put her in a pink magician's box. As huge blades sliced into the box, Amy's clothing came off. The stockings. The bodysuit. The panties. Everything but a pair of star pasties and a glittering pastie thong. The whole audience was invited to come up on stage and see Amy's Pretty Pink Box -- for just a buck or two donation.

Burlesque shows tend to "stoke the fires" for couples, if you know what we mean -- wink, wink. Some more than others. This dude bought a pair of pasties for his ladyfriend. Although, judging by the fact he posed for us playing with his nipples, we're not totally sure who the pasties are for.

If you missed the Pretty Things this time around, you can get vintage-y hair tips, makeup and a pin-up photo session for about $200 at their pin-up class in Tempe on July 13. No rush, though. Bettie May says she and the girls hope to be on the road "for at least five more years."

Want to see more hot circus geek action? Check out our photo slideshow of the Pretty Things Peep Show.

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