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Geek Beat: Twits and Twerds at the Twi/Tour 2009 Twilight Convention

For those of you who give the whole Twilight phenomenon the "talk to the hand" gesture, there are several types of Twilight fans: namely the Twilighters, which are the regular folks who love the books, and the Twerds -- those crazy geeks who own every piece of Twilight movie merchandise plus every version of the books, and can quote lines from the movie and answer ridiculous trivia questions like, "What was the name of the restaurant Edward took Bella to?" at the drop of a hat. (The Bloated Toad, duh!)

Twerds and Twits (short for Twilighters, natch) came out for this past weekend's Creation Entertainment Twi/Tour 2009 event, held at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park. Yeah, you heard that right. The faaaar West Valley. That was strike one against the con, and there were two more big ones: first, most of the originally announced celebrity guests canceled, leaving the stringers (smaller characters such as Laurent, Billy Black and Eric Yorkie) to pick up the slack.

Read about the con and peep some pics, and a Twilight parody video, after the jump...
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Wynter Holden
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