Glenn Beck Lies About Muse, iPhone Only Album, FTC Disclosure and Music Blogs

NME: First iPhone-only album to be released by Kids On DSP - video
Electric Mustache: mp3: Vampire Weekend - "Horchata"
Idolator: If Your Mother Says "Here, I Got You Something Autographed By Ian Curtis," Check It Out
Idolator: How Will Music Blogs Deal With The FTC's New Disclosure Guidelines?
NME: Glenn Beck admits lying over Muse retraction plea
Pitchfork: Jay Reatard's Band Quits
Rolling Stone: Usher Opens Up About Divorce With New Song "Papers"
So Much Silence: OM: God Is Good
Spin: WATCH: Metallica Perform Rare Song Live
Waved Rumor: Will CD/DVD blog reviews go away?
Sound of the City: Live: Sufjan Stevens Soothes An Unsettled Bowery Ballroom


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