Golden Gods Awards 2013: How Gene Simmons Gets Out of Interviews and Other Black Carpet Tales

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Then I got the chance to ask Metallica about one of their favorite accomplishments during their 30-year musical career.

"I would say the proudest moment is the fact that it's 30 years and you still want to talk to us, and that people want to give us awards," Lars Ulrich said. "I think the longevity and staying power is what I'm most proud of, and the fact that we have survived some dark moments along the way and we've pulled ourselves out of that. Thirty-two years ago, James [Hetfield] and I met down the street from the Nokia Theatre. And now here we are."

"Absolutely," added Robert Trujillo. "I can't convey enough how much that means to me to be in a band with these three other guys after 30 years."

Other interviewees included Chino from Deftones, who talked about Chi Cheng (RIP, buddy), and Halestorm, who said that they felt like the red-headed stepchild at the Grammys. (Drummer Arejay to me: "You have reddish hair; I'm sure you can relate.")

Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down discussed his upcoming solo album (out July 16) and his Housecore Records' Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, which is scheduled to take place October 24-27.

"We're showing lesser-known directors, and everything from short to full-length films. It's so encouraging for a guy like me, because I have no ambition to be a horror film director at all. I like watching them. The fact that there are directors out there trying to break away from the entire cut-and-paste world of horror that we're stuck in right now, like mainstream pop culture . . . We're in the generation of the remake, and that shit gets boring. So these are fresh ideas and they are fantastic films."

And considering he's a huge New Orleans Saints fan, and with all the controversy over the team last season, I had to bring them up. Does he think they'll pull their shit together? "You're goddamn right! We had no time to rebuild at all. Drew Brees is as old as Drew Brees is, so we know the window is south."

I admitted I was a Chiefs fan, and that's when I learned he was one as well. Fuckin' right. Because when it comes to talking to Anselmo, anyone who knows me understands that this is my ultimate and only fangirl moment.

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