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Green Day in 140 Characters or Less

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong isn't a fan of cell phones at concerts. "Put away your cell phones, this is a fucking live concert!" he yelled at Saturday night's show at U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix. Still, the Valley of the Sun was ablaze with tweets from the show. Here are a few of our favorites, and be sure to check out our review here and our slideshow here.

@iPhonejunkiePNP: Stepping over 12 puking teens at Green Day show in Phoenix...ahhh to be young and "spontaneous"...

@jtelleria: My iphone photos from last night's Green Day concert in Phoenix.

@drewmatich: Green Day in Phoenix last My first show...where have I been for the last 15 years?

@leesco: Green Day rocked! "..I hope u had the time of ur life..." #greenday #phoenix

@yoursid: Just got back from Green Day Concert and tomorrow its Depeche Mode. They really put on a show tonight. Phoenix just gets better and better.

@TimHalverson: In downtown Phx. Just found out Green Day is playing from a couple on the light rail. Just bought tickets. :-D

@AustinJohnson19: Something very surprising to me: Bruce Springsteen is more popular in Arizona than Green Day. Crazy shit.

@DelilahChaos: Green Day concert was fucking awesome, betchess! :D

@MoRBiDBuTeRFLy: OMG the GREEN DAY concert was the best one I've been to! So much action!Besides the dozen of heart attacks I almost had!2 1/2hrs& 2 encores!

@leeannesavage: GREEN DAY CONCERT ROCKED LAST NITE! Sell outs? NO!!! Just more popular & makng $$$ that so wrong?

@Nova_Cayne: recovering from the green day concert which was mind blowing! really! pieces of my brain blew out my ear and started pulsating on the floor!

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