Handicapping the Waste Management Phoenix Open's Scottsdale After-Parties

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Borgeous - INTL - Friday, January 31

The first thing you should know about Miami-based DJ/producer John Borger is that his particular nom de guerre rhymes with "gorgeous," which is also an apt description of his plush and provoking electro-house sound. Then, it's important to know that "Tsunami," one of the attention-grabbing hits of the EDM festival last year, was indeed created by both Borger and Canadian house music duo DVBBS, and not Sander van Doorn as many believed around the time it dropped. Legendary BBC selector Pete Tong helped clear up that particular mystery while blasting the epic electro hit over the airwaves of Radio One last summer, which not only gave its authors proper credit, but helped add to Borger's burgeoning worldwide fame. Not bad for someone who's only been in the dance music game since 2012. The track's seen a lot of mileage on nightclub sound systems since it's debut and is an especially effective party instigator. And believe us, Borgeous knows a thing or three about stoking up a major rager. After all, he hails from America's capital for EDM-fueled rowdiness.

Lil Jon - Maya Day & Nightclub - Friday, January 31 When a musician decides to take a turn as a DJ, it's usually a desperate grab at street cred (or just some attention). But Lil Jon, the man with the most famous "Yeahh!" utterance of this millennium, has always been a DJ -- his chart­topping singles and collaborations are simply side dishes on his massive platter of musical talents. On Friday, Maya Day and Nightclub hosts a special DJ set by the "Shots! Shots! Shots!" man himself, recently returned from a club tour in France. Come see Lil Jon spin everything from Lorde mashups to hip­hop classics to EDM -- and slam down a few shots in his honor. Which ones? It's obvious: Jaegerbombs, Lemondrops, Buttery Nipples, Jello Shots, Kamikaze, Three Wise Men!

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