Happy Together Tour: Which '60s Survivors Still Sound Great on Tour?

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Gary Puckett and The Union Gap: Maybe Too Good?

I saw Gary Puckett perform on a similar package tour back in the '80s, and at the time I was disappointed with the way he had to lower the keys of all his hits to make them easier to sing.

Whatever was preventing him from making "Young Girl" and "Woman Woman" a pleasurable experience then seems to have been conquered in 2013.

In fact, now the opposite problem exists -- Puckett's holding notes longer than required, and in places he's added a wildly oscillating vibrato that sometimes makes it sound like early David Bowie channeling Anthony Newley.

Even if all his hits are the admittedly same song sideways, it was nice to hear "Don't Give In to Him," a jealous guy anthem that you could imagine Elvis Costello spitting out if it wasn't so sweetly sung by Puckett, who never seemed to get the girl in any of his hits.

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