Happy Together Tour: Which '60s Survivors Still Sound Great on Tour?

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Chuck Negron: One Dog Night

Next came Chuck Negron, the voice of Three Dog Night. To be fair, there were three voices in Three Dog Night, and the band seemed intent on replicating all three without Negron's help, although he could do most of the heavy lifting himself on "One" and "Joy to the World."

In a strange decision, Negron sang songs like "Shambala" and "Mama Told Me Not to Come," where he was not the main singer, and left out huge hits like "Easy to be Hard," "An Old Fashioned Love Song," and "The Show Must Go On," where he was.

Still, he did execute a great scream in "Mama Told Me," and won everybody over after a night of song introductions that sounded like they were penned by Billboard magazine's statistical department.

"This song was recorded back in . . . (long pause) Uh, uh, I don't remember shit!"

And of course, "This song is about bullfrogs."

I almost wished I hadn't Google'd that legendary story (recounted in Negron's harrowing biography Three Dog Nightmare) about how his penis exploded from overuse in the '70s because I watched much of his set in physical discomfort just thinking about it.

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