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While both the band's previous reunions have been filled with rumors of backstage fighting and ego clashes similar to those that marked the band's original breakup, Caffey (who was pregnant with daughter Astrid and forced to miss almost all of the 1994 tour) chalks up the inevitable squabbles to band chemistry. "The thing that makes us great is the thing that also makes each other crazy. But that's good, because that makes us do what we do--and do it well."

For her part, Caffey says the birth of her child has brought her a new sense of stability and understanding. "I'm only speaking for myself, but having a kid has put everything else in my life in perspective. Having a kid is getting a certain kind of freedom in a way because you can't be self-obsessed anymore. And when all of us start acting like little kids and brats, I'm thinking, 'Wait, Astrid is the kid here--I'm not.' So it puts it all in perspective."

Ultimately, Caffey is confident that whatever the future holds, the current tour will be the key step in restoring their slightly tarnished legacy by proving that the Go-Go's are first and foremost a great rock 'n' roll band. "My experience this time being around the girls is very different than it has been in the past. We've just kind of . . . it's weird because we keep getting these opportunities to get together, and I'm starting to look at it from a spiritual standpoint now. It's like, 'Hey, I think we're supposed to be working this out and trying to leave something more behind.'"

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