Hello to Jackalope Ranch, Farewell to Arty Girl

Don't panic. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and relax.

Yes, it's true. Arty Girl will be no longer.

At least, not in this format on this blog.

She will live on in spirit, however, at our new blog, Jackalope Ranch. It's a blog completely devoted to Phoenix arts and culture...think of it as Arty Girl on steroids.

Pretty freakin' awesome, eh?

It gets better.

Since Arty Girl started (geez, how long has it been...a year? Two? Time flies when you're filling a quota), I've been posting three blogs per week.

Well, now, lucky for you, I'll be writing every weekday (not as Arty Girl, just as Lilia Menconi) along with a full team of other fabulous writers we've assembled to bring you the latest coverage of Phoenix cultural events, happenings, news, and gossip.

So, a big thanks to all the music readers who put up with my posts and a huge thanks to all my actual readers who I hope will follow me.

See you at the ranch!

Visit http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/jackalope/.

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