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Here's Why Christmas Shopping with Jay Z Is a Terrible Idea

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Sure, it's not clear why you'd need these songs for you and 16 of your closest friends. And even though Hov is one of the best emcees now or ever, it's not really clear why you'd want all of his stuff, either, given how uneven his work can be. (Another way of thinking about this is that you could buy about four thousand CD copies of The Blueprint.) Still, though, it seems a better use of your money to spend it on Jay rapping instead of designing watches.

You might also spend your $33,900 on any number of other watches, of course, if timepieces are really your thing. Even the most expensive one available from Jay-Z's own Rocawear could be yours about 322 times over, which is really cool if you imagine all of them on your arms at the same exact time.

A bit more gaudy than the Hublot, sure, but Jay's not into the whole subtlety thing anyway: $33,900 would get you a mere 1/147th of the $5 million watch Beyoncé bought him last year.

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