Homme Lounge Closing on Friday

After this weekend, no one's gonna be home at Homme Lounge.

According to co-owner Jeremy Johnson, the CenPho danceteria/gay bar will be shutting its doors forever as of Saturday morning.

"It's a major bummer for sure that's going to upset a few people," he says.

It's something of an understatement, considering that Homme has been a big part of the downtown Phoenix nightlife landscape over the past four years. A number of popular DJ/dance nights took place at the two-story house-like club in that time, including StraightNoChaser's ONE, French Kiss, Party Foul!, and several editions of Sadisco*.

Despite Homme's status as a hipster hangout, Johnson and his fellow co-owner Terry Walter suspected they might eventually get the big boot after the property's landlord Mason Anderson died last year.

"Basically, our landlord passed away a year-and-a-half ago and the people running his estate didn't want us here anymore," Johnson says.

He suspects the bi-level beat shack will eventually get the wrecking ball treatment, which would be a tragic end for a building that's served as nightspot for more than a decade. Prior to Johnson and Walter purchasing the building back in 2005, the joint served as Irish-themed gay bar Johnny Mc's.

"I don't see anyone else running a club out of this place after we leave," Johnson says. "They just don't want a bar here, period."

He added that the pair attempted to find a new venue to move Homme Lounge to, but unfortunately their plans fell through.

"We're just going to recoup until after the first of the year and then figure out where to go from there," Johnson says. "At least we're going out on top. It's been one hell of a ride and the last few years have been the most successful."

Homme's closure also spells doom for its handful of weekly dance event, such as Party Foul! Fridays and Electrostatic Tuesdays. Shaun Cheney (a.k.a. DJ Bigie) says he and the other Party Foul! residents -- including Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Craig Citizen, and BC/AD -- will eventually launch a new night at a different location.

It's a situation they've had to deal with before, as they relocated to Homme after being booted from bygone hotspot Glam last summer (where they hosted the popular Word Up! Saturdays).

Cheney and his crew are planning a proper send-off for both Party Foul! and Homme this coming Friday night, as well as a Thanksgiving night event tomorrow evening called Wobble Gobble.

"We thought we'd finish it off with a big bang and then start fresh," he says. "We're probably going to keep Party Foul! as the name of our production company, nut with the new night we wanna do something more fresh. We all feel like Party Foul! was becoming predicatable."

That means doing a weekly dance night with less of the hard electro sound that their nights have become known for.

"It will be a bit more like Word Up! was at Glam! with a little bit of everything like B'more, '80s, '90s, and other stuff," Cheney says.

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