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Hot Rock Supa Joint Launches an Indiegogo to Buy a Super Bowl Commercial (No, Seriously)

It looks as though Ricky Williams may have some competition when it comes to weed-related football jokes. That's because local comedy rapper Hot Rock Supa Joint (the self-described "punk rock hip-hop dude who makes your booty pop") has started an Indiegogo fundraiser with the goal of raising $4.5 million, all of which is intended to go toward a Supa Joint commercial during next year's Super Bowl. Seriously.

"I watched the ads during the game this year: Beer, car, beer, alcohol, car insurance . . . boring. Four mil is the going rate for this year's ads. That be like $130,000 a second for a fucking ad, stupid. I could care less about the game in all reality, but the fact that the two states to legalize weed are the ones playing in the game is hella funny to me," says Hot Rock. "It be like God sayin' that weed is cool and he be throwin' that fact right in our fuckin' faces."

As laughable a prospect as it may seem, the rapper says the crowdfunding project (which launched earlier this month and is still in its infancy) is no joke. Nor is it a byproduct of too much THC.

If successfully funded, Hot Rock fully intends to have a Supa Joint commercial airing during Super Bowl XLIX, which just so happens to be happening right here in the Valley, specifically at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. "Since SupaBowl 2015 is like totally in my backyard, why the fuck not, right?" he says.

However, the project is more than just a chance for Supa Joint to see himself on television. The rapper says it's also a chance to make something more organic for one of America's most corporate events.

"This is off the cuff, yo. I always be like 'Supa Bowl, yo!' Like the biggest bowl a weed ever! That shit cracks me up homie. I just wanna see someone outside the corporate bullshit conglomeration do something out in the open. I wanna see people take back the airwaves," Supa Joint says. "It's time we all look around, and realize the corporations ain't doing anything for the masses, and the masses gotta start taking back what be ours and shit."

The Super Bowl telecast is, of course, no stranger to gonzo television advertisements, including some seen only in local markets, such as Will Ferrell's bizarre Old Milwaukee spots that have been shown in small Midwestern cities in recent years. And Georgia personal injury attorney Jamie Casino earned much attention across the country after his spectacularly rock 'n' roll and ultra-melodramatic commercial (which was akin to a heavy metal music video or the trailer for a revenge flick and was described by Deadspin as "batshit amazing") aired during this year's Super Bowl in his home state.

Hot Rock Supa Joint, however, aims to have his commercial shown across the nation, hence the sky-high goal of the crowdfunding project.

While it's currently unknown what exactly the advertisement will feature, Supa Joint intends to have his top five donors in the commercial. Meanwhile, anyone who donates $100 will get all of the Supa Joint CDs, as well as a T-shirt and an autographed photograph. And for a mere $5, he says, donors will "have the awesome chance to say to ya homies during the game, 'Yo! See that Supa Joint ad right there? I got five on that shit, yo.'"

The "Weird Al of Weed" hasn't decided what other rewards he will be offering his donors, however.

"I ain't figured it out yet," he says. "Really, this idea is about being grassroots, doing something that we shouldn't be doing, and that's always the funnest shit to do, yo."

As of this writing, Supa Joint is $4,449,995 short of reaching his lofty goal with 52 days left to go, as only $5 has been donated thus far. His hopes are still, um, high that he will be able to raise his $4.5 million with only one campaign, although he admits he's more than ready for the long haul if making his Super Bowl dreams come true takes more than one campaign.

"If all the stoners wanna kick that cash down, I'll make the commercial and get that shit on TV," he says. "If I can't do it in 60 days [Indiegogo's maximum length for a crowdfunder], I'll just keep restartin' the campaign until about October, and if the $4 mil-plus is collected, the shit's gonna happen."

Supa Joint's hopes -- and THC levels, for that matter -- of collecting his fortune may be high, but the hip-hop/comedian is no dope. He has a contingency plan if his commercial dreams should fall though.

"If I don't make enough to run the ad, I'll just buy gear and weed and throw an awesome SupaBowl party next year. Maybe weed'll be legal in AZ by this time next year, and we can all get high together at an awesome show and shit. That would be dope," he says. "But a Supa Joint ad on TV during the game would be so much doper."

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