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How Music Festivals Keep the Music Industry Afloat

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Coachella 2013

The enormous growth of music festivals across the country has coincided with -- and perhaps been best exemplified by -- the growth of Coachella from an indie hotspot to an unavoidable cultural force. What brings people to the desert every year? Well, the huge names, probably. But also this, from our cover story:

"You text. You don't call. You don't write notes. You don't pop up at your friends' house. You Skype. We're not touching each other," says rapper Murs, who founded the Paid Dues festival in Los Angeles. "Technology has separated us so much [that] it's natural for us to have this desire to come together, and [festivals] really cater to that communal nature."

Of course, here in Arizona you have to decide whether it's worth all that driving, along with the ticket price. But once you have you'll get to see top-tier bands, wild campground parties, and people who are just trying to sleep.

It's a year's worth of concerts, and a series of bizarre parties, and a dust storm--several weekends packed into one.

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