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"When I listen to some tapes of old Cajun House shows, I can see that I was all about playing a million notes a minute. But I went from being a very green young guy who didn't really know how to sing, pace a set, front a band or write songs to now where I'm nothing special but I've gotten better. To tell you the truth, I don't think that much when I play. I don't think at all, really. I just play whatever comes out."

Simo's also become more comfortable writing things that fall outside the blues idiom. One Night Stand contains several songs that eschew the 1-4-5 pop format, and one honest-to-God rock ballad called "Till the Morning Comes." This week has found him recording an original called "Sooner or Later" that he likens to "a John Mayer song sort of. I love John Mayer, which my buddy Hans Olson makes fun of me for, but he writes great songs. I love that Any Given Thursday CD; you can tell the guy went to music school with those chord progressions.

"I had that riff for a long time and I didn't want to write it because I thought that's not me. It's just that thing of letting things happen. I don't have any qualms anymore. I'm not Big Pete Pearson. I like rock and a lot of other types of music. Blues-rock is what I do."

The gradual movement to more pop-oriented songwriting comes just as major-label interest is rearing its head. Jonny Lang isn't getting any younger and neither is Duarte. Looking at it in cynical A&R terms, they want to snap up J.D. while he is still young enough to turn heads in amazement. Looking at it in economical A&R terms, look how much product he's shifted without any outside help! Looking at it in pure logical terms, the staid national blues scene is due for some new blood -- and J.D. Simo is more than ready to supply the transfusion.

Originally, Simo and Dirty Pool were looking to make a live recording, but that plan has been sidelined in favor of a studio album with the live band. They've just finished rehearsing the song "Sooner or Later."

"Man," says Simo. "We cut out a verse, a bridge and an outro to try to get it under 3:23. It's at 4:23 right now.

"The 13-year-old J.D. would be throwing a fit about the cuts, but the 18-year-old Simo says it fits the song."

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