Is Vinnie Paul of Hellyeah and Pantera Going to Open a Strip Club in Phoenix?

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Hellyeah also just was booked on Lamb of God's rescheduled tour, which also kicks off in Phoenix on Tuesday, October 30 [Hellyeah joins the tour later]. What are your thoughts on the Randy Blythe situation?

Ah, I just think it's just a really bad situation all around, man, for everyone involved. You know obviously, everyone feels for the person who passed, but after examining what I've been able to, I don't see how anyone could hold Randy responsible for what happened. I think it's a bad situation, and it's really put his band and his families and everyone a part of it in a bad position. I just wish the very best for him and am glad he's back home. I am looking forward to playing the shows with him.

I feel like there may be a fear in the industry that if he goes back and is actually convicted of something it will be crazy.

Yeah, that's the thing that sucks about it. It's a different country, their laws are different and they handle everything different, man. They pretty much have him convicted of being guilty already and now he has to prove his innocence, whereas in this country you're innocent until proven guilty. Everything about it feels wrong.

It's a tough situation, that's for sure. Back to the band -- if someone had never heard Hellyeah, what album would you give them first that you think would rightfully represent the group? This new one?

Oh, definitely. You know, with Band of Brothers, like I said, I feel like we really have come together as a complete band with this album. You know, when most bands come out they don't really hit their stride until their third or fourth record, and that's when they get really familiar with each other how they operate and what their songs are about. I would definitely recommend Band of Brothers, but I am very proud of the two other records.

Same question, but for Pantera.

Well for me, I think the one that we really established ourselves as a band and the album people most associate with Pantera is Vulgar Display of Power, you know?

Of course.

And once again, that was our second major label record and our third record with Phil, so you can see where that's where we hit our stride, when we were coming into it and growing. Once you get to that point you really know what you're all about and you really deliver.

Do you have a different album that's a favorite for personal reasons?

Well, the most challenging record out of all of them was definitely Far Beyond Driven, you know? Pushing the limits of heavy metal basically, and that record truly...the title said it all. It definitely pushed everyone's abilities--the players, the songwriters, everyone--in order to complete the album.

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