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Jake Goldsmith on Why Every Single DJ Should Know How to Dance

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Name: Jake Goldsmith

AKA: Goldsmith

Current Gigs: My residency at Push Push on Wednesdays is my priority right now, but I do have a Saturday thing with the Rebel Disco crew coming up on Saturday, February 16, at Bar Smith.

Preferred Genres: Disco, house, acid, techno, but of course I play a lot of other things...funk, soul, boogie, proto, no wave, kraut...etcetera.

How did you get into the DJ game? I used to skate back in El Paso with a group of friends. We would all hit the local spots together and travel to out of town contests together. So we were very influential on one another. One of the older guys in the group started scratching hip-hop records and we were all blown away by how cool it was. This was the '90s. That sorta spread throughout the group and one by one [and] we all picked up DJing, breakdancing, and other forms of street culture. I played breakdancing shows, skate events and raves early on.

Was it a crew? No, nothing like that, just ghetto kids doing what ghetto kids do -- raise hell.

What's the most hell y'all raised? We once were arrested for skating on a school roof.

What's your mantra as a DJ? Real DJs dance.

So rate yourself as a dancer. Oooh...a high four maybe. I'm a much better DJ. I'm not awful, though. I can have a good time.

Are we talking Elaine Benes bad? Not that bad.

What's the best thing about being a DJ, in your opinion? Nothing, it all stinks! Just kidding. Honestly, it would have to be sharing the music you have personally formed an obsessive relationship with. It is a true feeling.

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