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Jake Goldsmith on Why Every Single DJ Should Know How to Dance

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What's your favorite track of the moment? I would say Jacques Renault, "Back To You" (Paradis Remix) on Let's Play House. It is a cool, deep little number with intoxicating, yet restrained, vocals.

Are you a huge fan of Renault? I'm a huge fan of feel-good tunes, his name happens to be attached to a lot of those as of late. He's a friend though, and a talented dude

Is this the first time he's performed in Phoenix? Third.

Why do you keep bringing him back? Good question. He was relatively unknown here the first time round and the turnout was underwhelming. So we are hoping the third time will be the charm. We've also invited his NYC pal and DFA stalwart Justin Miller along this time.

What does Renault do better than other DJs? His collection is noteworthy, his remixes are class, and he pushes the latest sounds. He's got his finger on the pulse, if you will.

Does he have anything special planned for his set on January 30th at Bar Smith? Actually, I'm sure he's got something off his new label Goodnight Moon that he'll play. And he, Justin and I will be tagging -- playing together record for record -- from 11:30 on. Gonna be a gas.

Are special guests such as Renault how events like Push Push stands out from other club nights? Yes, but also the night itself. What we do and what we play isn't being done/played anywhere else in the valley. It means you can dance and sing with a group of DJ's that don't take things too seriously, we try to have fun. Playing fun music for fun times. No aggro nonsense.

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