Jake Owen - Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open - 1/30/14 (VIDEO)

Jake Owen Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open 1/30/14

Country music fans definitely know a thing or two about having a good time -- and Thursday night's concert by Jake Owen inside the Coors Light Birds Nest at the Waste Management Phoenix Open was no exception.

Everyone was in a celebratory mood by the time the superstar singer/songwriter stepped onstage barefoot, as he's wont to do. Beer was everywhere to be seen as the crowd drank, danced, and sang along to every song. Even Owen had his go-to beer up on stage with him.

The show started off with a bang, as Owen's first two songs were his current radio hits "Anywhere With You" and "The One That Got Away." He immediately showed his fun side during the latter song by breaking into a bit of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" while discussing how there have been songs written about that girl that got away.

Apart from "Jessie's Girl," Owen and his band performed such covers as Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," Sublime's "What I Got," and even the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. The crowd went crazy when Jake Owen started rapping to both "Ice Ice Baby" and the Fresh Prince theme. (Who'da thunk he could spit game?) He got really into it, too, which brought on the laughs from his fans.

It was clear, though, during the night, what fans were looking forward to the most. Although they were excited for every song, the crowd went nuts when Owen's latest single, "Beachin'," and "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" were played. The country star had them singing along to the "whoa-oh-oh" parts in "Barefoot Blue Jean Night," which he was perfectly dressed for, and also encouraged them help out during the chorus.

And also during "Barefoot," two fans that were caught singing along with every single word were pulled out of the crowd to join the band onstage for an impromptu "mini Arizona Idol" where they sang for the people and the people voted for the winner. It was an especially fun moment you don't see at just at many concerts.

Owen also got personal at one point as he talked about his father being his hero and recently beating cancer. Regardless of his family's living situation growing up, Owen says, his father always told him and his younger brother that he loved their mother more than anything and how it was the inspiration for "Don't Think I Can't Love You."

But despite being one of the concert's more poignant moments, Owen still found it necessary to call out a man dancing rather provocatively with his lady. "There's a guy in the front row grindin' on his girl," Owen sang, resulting in a roar of laughter from the audience

Overall, Owen gave his Arizona fans a fun and well-performed show that had people everywhere dancing drunkenly and having a great time. There were grinders, arm-flailers, whole-body shakers, and -- for some bizarre reason -- twerkers. Only a few people from the VIP section up front were thrown out for being too drunk, however. But that seemed to illustrate that everyone was having a good time, as was the fact that many others were stumbling out of the tent after Owen's farewells and goodbyes.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Jake Owen at the Coors Light Birds Nest

Personal Bias: I really like Jake Owen. But I do tend to listen to more of Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Keith Urban when it comes to modern country music.

The Crowd: Lots of cowboy boots, a few cowboy hats, and golf attire (it's the Phoenix Open, after all).

Overheard in the Crowd: "I really need another beer." Make sure you slur your words as much as possible while reading that.

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