DJ Dossier

Jason Ayers on His Drum 'n' Bass Addiction, Hatred of Brostep, After-Hours Parties, and Why Newbie DJs Need Vinyl Experience

If you've walked by Bar Smith on a recent Wednesday evening and had your eardrums assaulted, its probably Jason Ayers' fault.

The bass-loving beat-juggler and his long-running SubConscious night have (literally) been shaking the downstairs walls at the downtown Phoenix club with a storm of subharmonics and plenty of thrum. While the hipsters and moombah cats reign supreme up on the Bar Smith rooftop during The Scenario, Ayers and such cohorts as Issa and Dehga blast out drum 'n' bass and jungle tracks.

SubConscious hasn't been the only place to catch Ayers doing his thing, as he's a longtime veteran of the local DJ scene dating back to the early '90s. The dude's also an after-hours impresario who's both put on and performed at underground parties and wee hours wingdings for well over a decade.

Ayers recently spoke with Up on the Sun about his love of D'n'B, the after-hours scene, his abhorrence of the current popularity of dubstep, and other topics.

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