Jen Deveroux's Spank Factory Highlights Opening Night at 910 Live

I feel like I've traveled through a time warp back to the year 2000.

Everything old school has become new again with the Valley's nightlife scene this week, as venues and clubs that had their heyday a decade ago have been reincarnated and reborn.

The Nile Basement has become the Underground. Long Wong's is back in Tempe. And, as of last night, the old Boston's on McClintock Drive lives on as 910 Live.

The venue kicked off its existence on Wednesday with a soft opening for Jen Deveroux's Spank Factory. And while the club looked to be in great shape, owner Jeff Minor told me there's still a crapload of upgrades and finishing touches to be made to the venue before it opens full time next week.

As such, 910 Live will go dark for a week until CTRL-ALT-DEL (featuring Deveroux's beau Tricky T and Bombshelter DJs Emile and Radar) kicks off next Wednesday night, followed by the kickoff of EV Thursdays with Benjamin Cutswell each and every Thump Day, and a live music night on Fridays. The club's official grand opening is scheduled to take place in early March.

Valley scenesters got a preview of what CTRL-ALT-DEL will be about as Tricky T (who was also celebrating his 34th birthday) was joined on the turntables by Pickster One, the Bay Area's Goldenchyld, and a slew of local DJs for a night of fresh beats.

Wanna see what else happened during Spank Factory? Check out our slideshow for all the pics.

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