DJ Dossier

Jeremiah Gratza Talks DJing as President Gator, Opening for Jimmy Eat World, and How He Almost Managed The Format

Turns out local concert promoter Jeremiah Gratza has more on his plate than just putting on shows, passing out flyers, helping run Crescent Ballroom, and hanging out at hip dance nights.

The 29-year-old, who's a promoter with Stateside Presents, occasionally has performed as DJ President Gator over the past four years. He's spun up a musical menu that includes chillwave and electro at Crescent (natch) or at special appearances at Sticky Fingers and Cheap Thrills.

We spoke with Gratza recently about his part-time DJ career as well as how he got into spinning and how, back in 2005, he almost had a chance to manage The Format.

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