Jimmy Eat World, The Great Arizona Beer Festival, First Friday and More Over the Weekend

Jimmy Eat World's Clarity X 10 Tour We've heaped hyperbole on Clarity all week here, and last night's show demonstrated why: from the opening drone of the esoteric "A Table For Glasses" through the soft acoustic touches on the 16-minute closer, "Goodbye Sky Harbor," it's a masterpiece on par with anything released in the 1990s...full story

See: more shots in our Jimmy Eat World slide show.

Great Arizona Beer Festival Walking in to The Great Arizona Beer Festival on Saturday, we promised ourselves that we would not stumble out like blithering idiots. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans....full story

First Friday March 2009 With Art Detour a mere 24 hours from officially kicking off this month's First Friday was especially arty. How arty? We spotted phallic cakes, pink prisoners, a post-apocalyptic church and a bloody freak show.


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