Juggalettes Gone Wicked: 10 Chicks You'll Admit Are Hot Even Though They Love Insane Clown Posse

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Angelica Rose aka COC Queen: I like that she keeps it classy with a simple (elegant, even?) gold "Hatchetman" necklace.

Pertinent info: "I spend most of my money on my health insurance, my hair, slutty shoes, lingerie, and make-up[.] I don't like meeting new people. I have no interest in making new friends. I'm very content with the ones I have and wouldn't trade them for anyone or anything[.] I am NOT single so please get the fuck off of my jock. I will not send you naked pictures, talk dirty to you, or give you my phone number. My boyfriend is perfect for me and I will never find anyone else like him[.] I am proud to call myself a Juggalo. If that offends you then delete me now because that's probably the least offensive thing about me, my history, or my personality[.] I'm crazy and see no point in denying it. I am very comfortable with the thoughts in my head and will never live a lie[.]"

Chelsea aka Insane Juggalette: I don't know where that finger has been but I really don't care.

Pertinent info: "My names chelsea. single. fitchburg alturnative high is where you'll find me. once i graduate im going to school to become a cosmotologist. im completely fed up with drama. DO NOT bring it to me. i don't give a fuck. ima mutha fucking juggalette, holdin my hatchet high till im 6 ft deep in the casket. im very opinionated, & love showing it. i can be a bitch, i give too many 'second' chances; im done with that. fuck me over once & thats it."

Lala Sadiistiic: Who doesn't get excited by a girl who knows how to rock the clearance rack at the Halloween store?

Pertinent info: "I Seen The Devil... With my body shaking, I think I just seen the devil. Human form, in such a disguise [.] Haven t seen him in awhile, and no I don't miss his presence. Who knew the devil would be in town? Of course not me, he likes to sneak around and haunt my fucking life."

Little Miss Alicia: Nothing's hotter than a badass Juggalette that can take a punch from two different clowns.

Pertinent info: "Your inner beauty shines through when you show your outer freak" - Sara Louise Miller"

Manda aka shortyx2xdope: She takes coulrophobia to a whole new level.

Pertinent info: "i collect words the way some people collect shells ... Or coins ... Or stamps"

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Shawn Anderson