Ke$ha and Pitbull - Ak-Chin Pavilion - 6/19/13 (VIDEO)

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But then, the crowd, more than half Latino, gave insight into the lineup. There are plenty of people who buy Pitbull's full albums, and they populated the Pavilion.

Ke$ha's set likely entertained even those who weren't there to see her. Her show, per usual, was still moderately flashy and still extremely trashy. While she boasted an on-stage jungle gym, six male backup dancers and a live band along with fireworks and confetti, there were still loads of features that were totally Ke$ha. You know, penis suits, strip teases, talks about tranny clubs, whipped cream guzzling, tea-bagging references. Yep, at one point, the Big K asked audience members to tea-bag each other. Good ol' Ke$ha.

Maybe it's because it was a larger venue than she's played in AZ, or maybe it was because her barely hour-long set was shorter than most, but more emphasis seemed to be placed on the showwomanship than on the singing.

This was the most choreography Ke$ha has performed in the Valley, and while she sounded top-notch on tracks such as "Dirty Love" and "C'mon," at other times, the backing track completely took over, like during the jazzed-up "Take It Off," during which dollar bills fell from the ceiling. Still, her show was just what you'd expect from Ke$ha: a blast.

It was evident most of the crowd came for Pitbull, as everyone rose to their feet for his own 90-minute set.

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