Keith Urban - Ak-Chin Pavilion - 9/29/13

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I come from a city crawling with Midwestern country fans, and Arizona Keith Urban fans seem to have a lot in common with them: They talk a good, completely sincere huntin’ and fishin’ and churchin’ game, but they’re also mostly middle and upper-middle class professionals, talking about career advancement and wedding anniversaries and nice restaurants.

They’re fashion-forward, that is, it’s just that means cowboy boots and expensive-but-unripped jeans and leather vests here. Which makes sense–leather vests are expensive.

So are Keith Urban tickets, for that matter.

But Urban--like his polished-country fans--is nothing if not a pro; 20 songs later, anyone who values a Keith Urban song enough to buy a ticket in the first place will have gotten his money's worth.

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Dan Moore