Keize Montoya Explains "Mad At 'Cha" (Video)

Don't let yesterday's drizzle fool you, it's "summer, summer, summer, time"(To borrow a hook from DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince). With temperatures and gas prices rising, commuters and everyday working stiffs alike are gonna need an infectious, feel good jam to brighten the day.

Local music producer and hip-hop recording artist Keize Montoya happens to have a song to fulfill that need with his track, "Mad At 'Cha." The song has a bouncy beat, catchy hook and best of all, a music video full of scantily-clad dames participating in a friendly game of powder-puff football.

The fourth-generation musician got his start playing keyboard at 11-years-old, mastered the craft and moved on to the The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences where he recently received his certificate in the Master Recording Program. The New Mexico-native considers himself a musical jack-of-all-trades; recording, editing, mixing and mastering all of his own work. Scope out the music video after the jump and check out what Keize has to say about "Mad At 'Cha."

Up on the Sun: So what's the story behind the lyrics of, "Mad at 'Cha"? Who is the inspiration behind the words?

Keize: When I write songs, I always start with a concept and a phrase. Whether it's a love song, a political song, a dance song or just a feel good song like "Mad At 'Cha". The inspiration behind "Mad At 'Cha" is the woman who's independent and successful. She's the girl you don't forget about. She's the girl that may seem unapproachable because you know she's heard it all before. She's the girl that reeks [of] confidence. You can't blame her; you can only give her props. "I can't even be mad at 'cha."

How'd you hook up with Doza for this track?

I actually met Doza through a friend of my cousin. He's a young, up and comer with a lot of potential. I knew his style was definitely a good fit for the song.

I understand you produce and engineer all of your own work. How does that affect your creative process?

Yes I do. It allows my creative potential to be endless. I believe I have a very good understanding for song structure and a good ear for mixing as well. People usually don't take me serious when I say I'm a, "one man team" but it's true. I even do my own graphic design work. I just got my degree in that field last year. I can go into a studio by myself and make a complete song from scratch: Record, edit, mix, master, etc. I literally record myself. So I think the only negative in this process is that it takes a little longer to complete songs because I do the entire process by myself. I don't care for titles or claim to be the "best" or "hottest" at anything. But I do believe there's few that can do what I do all by myself. I wear all the hats and am only trying to improve at all times.

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