KISS and Motley Crue, Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion, 8/10/12

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Mötley Crüe made a grand entrance with some weird Druid ceremony, tearing right into "Saints of Los Angeles." Their set started out solid, serving up the loud, fast, and dangerous performance that all of our mothers warned us about.

At times, there was so much going on onstage that it was difficult to figure out where we were supposed to be watching, especially since the video cameras weren't working. The band rocked out in the thick of scantily clad singers/dancers (they did pitch in vocals for a few songs), a girl on stilts, Tommy Lee's circular rollercoaster drum mechanism, and a mess of pyrotechnics.

For both Mötley Crüe fans and their noobie children alike, the band's performance didn't leave any time for the audience to get bored, though there were some opportunities to get angry. Vince Neil's vocals grew sloppier as the show progressed, but the spectacle was enough to (mostly) distract from that. Some fans grew impatient with Lee's extended electronica drum solo, which was actually really cool for a few minutes.

The drum solo came after "Home Sweet Home," which had Lee sitting at a piano decked out like a disco ball. The other three band members joined him, putting their fists together atop the piano like some hair metal super hero team assembling to help everyone find their very own porn star girlfriend. The ballad ended up being a nice change of pace from Crüe's rocking set.

The spotlight continued to be on Tommy Lee as he drummed along to a medley of EDM music, including "Waters of Nazareth" by Justice and Skrillex's "Bangarang." Lee's drum kit began to teeter back and forth, and eventually brought him to the top of the circle- like a suspenseful carnival ride- as he drummed upside down for a bit. The schtick continued as he invited a blondeMötley Crüe shirt-wearing girl named Tracy to sit in a chair next to him and "ride" the drums.

Lee made some suggestive small talk about her being single, and a guy near me shouted "Want some hepatitis?" The upside down drumming was cool, but it didn't need to go on for so long, especially since I'm willing to bet that most of last night's fans probably don't care for Skrillex.

Vince Neil had his obligatory creepy old man moment while talking about the oh-so-subtly named "Sex," which is his "favorite thing in the world." He turned around to show off the patch on his back, revealing two strippers and "I heart single moms."

Sex appeal was definitely a recurring theme in their set, with the female back up dancers twirling around on chains hanging high above the band, and prancing around like evil/naughty nurses during "Dr. Feelgood." The whole scene played out like what is probably the cliché teenage boy fantasy, but it was pretty entertaining.

There were quite a few kids in last night's crowd, which was a weird sight to see. Every time someone in Mötley Crüe spoke, "fuck" was said every third word or so. The band finished their set with "Kickstart my Heart" and Tommy Lee prompting the crowd to shout along to "When I say fuck, you say you." Looks like the kids learned a new word last night.

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