Kool Keith, Dirt Nasty, and Slimmie Hendrix Headline This Year's Arizona Pornstar Ball

Most people try their damnedest to keep their love of porno under wraps, probably outta fear of looking like a major perv. Renowned hip-hop Kool Keith, however, isn't one of 'em.

The Dirty South artist has been anything but shy about his love of pornography. Kool Keith's rapped about it on such albums as Sex Style (where he dubbed his sound as "porno-core") and Spankmaster, plans on launching his own adult film company and porn site, and has sung the praises of skin flicks in numerous interviews.

"I like to go buy the new releases. I like to dig up old DVDs. I like to dig up a lot of tapes. I still go downtown and buy whatever's comin' out, brand new. I like that plastic around my brand new DVD," he stated in an online interview last year.

In other words, the cat seems a natural fit for the annual Arizona Pornstar Ball, which takes place in early March at 910 Live in Tempe. Kool Keith is scheduled to co-headline the event, which will mix buxom babes with bumping beats.

Kool Keith will likely spit slick and sick rhymes about sex and the female anatomy during his performance while porn queens like Taryn Thomas, Presley Maddox, Raylene, Nina Mercedez, and dozens of other adult film stars hang out, get wasted, and meet their numerous fans during the "porn convention and nightlife event." (Our sister blog Jackalope Ranch has plenty or prurient details about the porn side of the event).

The Arizona Pornstar Ball has featured hip-hop stars since it first launched back in 2009 (click here to read our review of the inaugural edition). Rappers and artists have either simply hung out in the VIP room with all the silicone-enhanced starlets or grabbed a mic and performed a set or two.

​This year's edition of the event will incorporate more hip-hop performers than before, and will also feature gigs by Slimmie Hendrix (a.k.a. Pittsburgh Slim), Valley DJ expat Fashen, and white boy rapper Dirt Nasty.

Like Kool Keith, Dirt Nasty has some foul-mouthed lyrics of his own to spew about porn, as his repertoire includes plenty of songs about sex...as well as a few about his man parts (like "Baby Dick" or "Hoes On My Dick").

Better known as Simon Rex, the 37-year-old rapper has his own connection to the porn world, as long before he started hanging out with Mickey Avalon and Andre Legacy, the hip-hop artist starred in a trio of gay videos back in the early '90s. Here's hoping he won't be reenacting said flicks during his performance, other than a few ultra-explicit allusions to his package.

The Arizona Pornstar Ball 2012 takes place on March 3 and March 4 at 910 Live. Admission is $25 pre-sale. Click here for more info.

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