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Kris Roe Reconvenes The Ataris (Circa 2004) for One Last Tour

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Roe, drummer Chris Knapp, bassist Mike Davenport, and lead guitarist John Cullura will embark on a 29-date nationwide tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Ataris' breakthrough album. This particular lineup of Ataris is coming together for the first time since their split in 2005.

But it will not be a reformation of the platinum-selling Ataris. The group will stick together only for the tour before Roe goes back to touring with current bandmates Bryan Nelson, Thomas Holst, and Erik Perkins and recording with in-studio bandmate Bob Hoag upon the tour's completion March 30 in New York.

"I think we've all grown up a lot," Roe says. "I mean, I haven't seen those guys in 10 years, and when we started talking about this, I realized it's going to be nice to end things on a good note with that lineup. One last time, one last tour with that band."

They hardly ended on a good note the first time around, citing financial and creative differences for the breakup, even though So Long Astoria had been a turning point for both Roe and the band.

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