La La Land Music Festival, Phoenix Convention Center, 12/7/2012

La La Land Music Festival @ Phoenix Convention Center, 12/7/2012
Has the current zeitgeist of electronic dance music about to hit its expiration date? It's a contentious topic that's been bandied about by DJs, producers, and online music wonks in recent weeks.

No less a source than the great godhead himself Deadmau5, in a recent interview with Billboard, compared EDM's present popularity to that of disco and believes it doesn't have much of a future. Meanwhile, Spin Magazine recently stated that the musical style has a "creative crisis," a prominent dubstep website declared EDM is about to "be a victim of its own popularity," and English trance superstars Above & Beyond feel like the bubble "is about to burst."

But while these doomsaying DJs and gadflies are busy with their doomsaying and forecasting EDM's decline, its ferocious fanbase is busy actually enjoying the music and going absolutely bonkers at every big-time dance music festival possible, including last night's La La Land.

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