La Llegadora and Grupo Poderozzo, La Casa del Mariachi, 6/5/12

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Banda La Llegadora led the charge, using a variety of whiny wind instruments to re-create a Mexican-looking Star Wars cantina scene. Considering their vast size, the band effectively worked the stage swaying side to side while managing not to whop each other. One man armed the tingy timbales while another pounded away on a large bass drum. The two vocalists were in a playful mood, casually joking about and even checking their cell phones during songs.

The crowd consisted of mostly dolled-up ladies; at one point seemingly outnumbering the guys five-to-one. They nursed fruity drinks at their table in curve-hugging mini-dresses or danced away while tugging on their short skirts. The fellas were equally gussied up in various tucked-in button-down shirts and carefully coiffed hair. They mostly observed the crowd like a pack of hungry wolves, seeking out their prey with greedy eyes.

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Anthony Sandoval
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