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Label of the Month: The EDM Pioneers Behind Ghostly International

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Mux Mool Alright, so "Mux" is short for "multiplexing" or " involving simultaneous transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication." Chac-Mool on the other hand is a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican statue of a reclining man. As much as this wordplay conjures up images of DJs that "just press play," thankfully there are deeper elements to Mux Mool.

Brian Lindgren, as his mother calls him, explained once that his secret is pumping legitimate emotion into his tracks. While most EDM sounds robotic and repetitive, Mool is breaking those tropes with something genuine. For example, when John heard the track "Get Better John," he instantly recovered.

School of Seven Bells Named after a legendary South American university for pickpockets, SVIIB does like to carefully pick and choose their influences. When describing their style to Feed Me With Your Kiss, Benjamin Curtis claimed inspiration from "everything from Kraftwerk, Wire, Beyonce, New Order, Blonde Redhead, to Section 25 comes to mind, along with singers like Joni Mitchell and Robert Wyatt. We're huge fans of pop, too, mainly because we're huge fans of smart songwriting."

That explains why one track can be total bubblegum pop shoegaze (see "Chain") and another can be upbeat new wave (see "Dust Devil.") Their newest album Ghostory explores the concept that ghosts aren't undead spirits that moan in your closest, but rather the things in life you haven't let go of, like ex-romances and abusive parents and other sad stuff. It's almost a given that the music itself would be poignant and refreshing.

P.S. Because [adult swim] is the MTV of this generation, they have a super nifty a free sampler waiting for you.

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