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"Legends of the Mason Jar" Brings a Phoenix Institution Back (For One Night Only)

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That reunion started out as little more than an impromptu jam session. "I hadn't seen [our] drummer in 20 years, and we just decided to jam. And then we said, well, we should play a reunion gig.

"We thought, we have to do it at the Mason Jar, even though it's not the Mason Jar anymore. I mean, that was our Cheers, basically." The new management wasn't receptive at first, but after a few pitches The Urge ended up with a date: Friday, September 20. "As word got out, other bands wanted to play -- hey, if you're gonna do it at the Jar, we wanna play! So now it's just a clusterfuck, really."

But a good clusterfuck, to hear him tell it. "I should have called this thing The Bands that Built the Mason Jar. Because the Mason Jar opened in '79, and all these bands that are gonna play are bands from '79 to '85, most of the bands. The Schoolboys that were huge back then, and ended up getting a record deal on Capitol and had to change their name to Icon. They were huge. And Raven Payne, big favorites from back then."

What was it, I asked, that made The Mason Jar so memorable that all these bands and their fans are coming back to see it one more time? "Every other bar, like What's Your Beef and whatever places, they played covers. The Mason Jar was a place where punk rock bands and New Wave bands would go in and play originals."

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