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LES 735 on Conquering the Competition at the DMC Phoenix DJ Battle

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David "Fact 135" Dimmick, one of the judges, says that while "everyone brought their A game for sure" to the turntablist tussle, Sias was able to beat out the rest of the heavy-duty competition (including a few ultra-skilled DJs who traveled from California) because of his intense focus.

"The consensus of the judges [was] that he was the most on point," Dimmick says. "From the moment he walked into the venue he was all business. He wasn't talking to anyone, introducing himself to the other DJs. He had his game face on the entire time. He just sat there and studied each of the other DJs."

Such craftiness and intense concentration helped Sias prevail and earned him a berth at the national finals for the DMC World Championships, one of the most esteemed DJ battles around, this August in New York City. Plus, he also took home some killer gear.

We were eager for some other reasons behind Sias' win, so we hit up the man himself for this week's DJ Dossier and got the lowdown on his coup, as well as how he's gonna kick things up a notch in NYC and some stories about how he got into the turntable biz.

Name: Les Sias

AKA: LES 735

Preferred genres: Hip-hop is my first and I dabble in cumbia and all kinds in EDM.

Current gigs: Hidden House tonight for Friday Night Live's Turntable Metabolism 2, Coolin Out Hip-Hop Shop on May 3 with Mouse Powell, and on May 10 at the Hidden House with Central Products. You can also catch me on your airwaves on 101.1 The Beat for the Rhyme & Reason show.

What's your DJ origin story? One summer, I saved up some money [and] bought myself a shitty "DJ in a box" to try it out and it sparked my passion. From there, I saved up to get some real 1200s and a Vestax. Then, through entering battles at Guitar Center, I met some really cool people [the Avenue of the Arts Crew] that helped me get to where I'm at now.

Where else have you performed? I've gone on a few national tours with Avenue of the Arts crew where we touched down in most the states on the West Coast and went up east to Chicago and Ohio. I've never been to New York so I'm super stoked to visit now that DMC is flying me out there. And locally it's just about anywhere that I get booked.

What's the craziest shit you've seen at a gig? Luckily, I haven't encountered anything really crazy. A few fights here and there and drunk chicks falling and causing a scene.

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