Level Up: Seven Musicians With Geeky Backgrounds

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Nobuo Uematsu

He is the man responsible for the majority of the Final Fantasy soundtracks, and by that, I mean all of the good ones. That's a big franchise...he's written a song for just about every human emotion imaginable.

To set the scene, you're traveling the world with a band of misfits that are living in exile. This includes the princess, who sees her mother working with an arms dealer (oh noes!) and a stone cold female knight that's about to beat your party to a pulp in the pouring rain.

Later on, you find out that she was just fighting for her country and actually has human emotions after all. She ends up having the hots for the clumsy, loudmouthed knight in your party and is as willing to confront her feelings as a 14-year-old emo boy.

The Black Mages

Uematsu is back, only now he has replaced piano and orchestral songs with progressive metal licks.

Final Fantasy VII boss battles would have been a touch more epic with The Black Mages at the helm.

Owen Pallett

The violinist/singer responsible for hilariously named, yet beautiful albums like He Poos Clouds started out as Final Fantasy, but eventually changed his name to avoid confusion with the video game series.

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