Limbeck's Patrick Carrie: "It's a Shame We Don't Get Together and Play More Often"

Alt-country rockers Limbeck may technically be a Southern California band, but the group has number of ties to Arizona. "Comin' From Tucson" is about a long drive home after playing a show at Club Congress almost a decade ago, the band is good friends with Reubens Accomplice, who just so happens to be joining Limbeck on this short tour, and bassist Justin Entsminger, who is on double duty in Limbeck and Source Victoria, lives in Phoenix.

This three date tour will be the first time Limbeck has performed in over four years. "We never really officially called it quits, or even said anything about a 'hiatus.' We just came to the point where we couldn't tour full-time anymore," says guitarist/vocalist Patrick Carrie, "the four of us haven't actually all been in the same room in a long time, so we'll see what happens!"

Find out more about the band's decision to tour, stories behind some of their classic songs, and how Limbeck will approach their live set after the jump.

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Up on the Sun: Tell us about your upcoming California/Arizona tour? Why is it so short?

Patrick Carrie: It's been at least four years since the last time we've all played together as Limbeck. We never really officially called it quits, or even said anything about a "hiatus." We just came to the point where we couldn't tour full-time anymore. I was recently hanging with some good friends (who happen to play in Reubens Accomplice) and we were talking about how it's a shame we don't get together and play more often. So, we decided to put together a quick tour of a few of our favorite places. It's short because since we don't play music full time anymore, it ain't that easy to have four dudes get the same week off.

What ties does Limbeck have to Arizona?

When we started out, we'd always make trips out to Arizona to play Phoenix and Tucson, then drive back overnight so we could make it back for work the next morning. Arizona grew to be one of our favorite places to play because of all of the great friends we've made, and cool venues. Now our bass player Justin lives out there.

What inspired Limbeck's alt-country-meets indie rock sound?

It was definitely a natural progression. We were all big fans of Lookout Records pop-punk and indie rock bands like the Get Up Kids, but when we started to tour more, our eyes were opened to a whole library of folk and Americana, music that just sounded better when you're on a highway in the middle of nowhere with a big blue sky and lots of open space.

What inspired so many songs about cities and traveling to places like Las Vegas, Virginia, Ohio, etc?

For the most part, our touring was the main influence to all of our geographical references we throw out there. Every state/city we mention has a pretty good story behind it. The cities that you mentioned were all found on our Hi, Everything's Great record, which was early in our touring days. Those places still remain dear to our hearts. We're fortunate to have met a lot of great people through our music.

Can you tell the story behind "Honk + Wave?" I see you were driving through Utah, where were you headed?

Robb wrote those lyrics, but I'm sure we were on tour driving through Utah, on our way to the next stop. and he was daydreaming about what he would do if he saw an ex-girlfriend driving the other way on the highway.

Tell us a little bit about Hi, Everything's Great B-Sides. Did those just go up recently? If so, why post them now?

Those b-sides did just go up recently. A few of them made prior appearances on the vinyl of the album, and on a Doghouse Records compilation a while back, but the whole lot was never presented at the same time. When we decided to do a few more shows together, I was digging through some old tunes, and thought it would be fun to have them see the light of day.

I see you guys recently put out a seven inch. Are you working on any new material otherwise?

We haven't discussed it yet. The four of us haven't actually all been in the same room in a long time, so we'll see what happens!

Where is everybody in the band living now? I know you're kind of scattered...how do you make it work with band members living in various places and playing in multiple bands?

Robb and I are still in southern California. Justin moved out to Phoenix right around the same time we stopped touring, and Jon (who joined the band in 2005) has always lived in Milwaukee, and still does!

When we were touring eight or so months a year, we'd all gather in one place, then practice for a day or two, then hit the road and call it good. For this run, we're gonna have a big day of practicing the day before we head out. Making it work!

A few ladies are mentioned in your lyrics. Is there a particular gal that inspired a number of your songs?

There are a few girls that are in our song lyrics, one of them being Robb's wife! But the rest are mainly great friends of ours. Julia was a girl that Robb and I grew up with, and we used to make trips to an old record store in Costa Mesa, CA, together. "I Wrote This Down" was about a friend of ours named Lori that was leaving the state for an undetermined period of time. These days she's back in California, and lives close to me with her husband and 3 kids. We're still in touch!

Why did you guys split in 2010, and what brought you back together now?

Basically just because we can. We're still friends, we still (probably) remember the songs and still have a good time playing music, so it's basically just a good reason to hang out.

What does the future have in store for Limbeck?

Who knows! I guess we'll be talking about it in the van.

How did you guys end up touring with so many pop punk bands over the years? I'm really not too sure. Looking back, it was like a fun challenge. You never know if people might have an open mind and dig it, or totally hate us. I can remember where we've had both reactions. What's your live set up like? Do you favor acoustic or electric music, or do you mix it up?

We've messed around with different players helping us out on keys, pedal steel guitar, etc., but we work best as a 4 piece. I think we prefer it loud, when possible.

Can you explain the experience behind "Comin' From Tucson?" Where did you play and when?

Man, that was a long time ago. I'd guess it probably around 2001-02, when we'd head out to Phoenix and play Modified, and to Tucson at Club Congress, and then jump in the van right after the show and head home overnight to someone could make it to work in the morning. Congress to this day is still one of our favorite places to be.

Limbeck is scheduled to perform at Crescent Ballroom with Reubens Accomplice and Trapper Schoepp & The Shades on Sunday, December 16.

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