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Algebra Ranch, the Jetzons, the Strand

1. ROY ORBISON Mystery Girl (Virgin, 1989).
2. ROXY MUSIC Avalon (Warner Bros., 1982).
3. TALKING HEADS Remain in Light (Sire, 1980).

4. THE TRAVELING WILBURYS The Traveling Wilburys Volume I (Wilbury/Warner Bros., 1988).

5. R.E.M. Murmur (I.R.S., 1983).
6. TODD RUNDGREN A Capella (Warner Bros./Rhino, 1985).
7. THE CLASH London Calling (Epic, 1979).
8. WALL OF VOODOO Call of the West (I.R.S., 1982).
9. GEORGE HARRISON Cloud Nine (Dark Horse/Warner Bros., 1987).
10. PLIMSOULS Everywhere at Once (Geffen, 1983).

I liked Roy Orbison more than I did Elvis Presley. Mystery Girl is a masterpiece. (Just squeezed in London Calling--technically not an Eighties release, but close enough.)

Cowbillys, Two Week Notice Band

1. JOE ELY Musta Notta Gotta Lotta (MCA, 1981).
2. PAUL SIMON Graceland (Warner Bros., 1986).
3. GEORGE WINSTON December (Windham Hill, 1982).
4. ELVIS COSTELLO Almost Blue (Columbia, 1981).

5. THE EVERLY BROTHERS The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert (Polydor, 1986).

6. MANHEIM STEAMROLLER A Fresh Aire Christmas (American Gramaphone, 1988).
7. LYLE LOVETT Lyle Lovett (Curb/MCA, 1986).
8. BILLY OSKAY AND MICHEAL O DOMHNAILL Nightnoise (Windham Hill, 1984).
9. STEVE EARLE Guitar Town (MCA, 1986).
10. BRIAN SETZER Live Nude Guitars (EMI Manhattan, 1988).

Eighties music had more than its share of trite, shallow, commercial garbage. Aside from the tons of trash tunes, however, music addressed global concerns of human rights, environment and world peace with a fervor unheard of since the late Sixties. The real "smoke test" for Eighties music will lie in the future applications of its ideas.

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Dumb But Happy, Los Contempos, Special Eds, Tone Set

1. PETER GABRIEL Security (Geffen, 1982).
2. THE REPLACEMENTS Tim (Sire, 1985).
3. TALKING HEADS Remain in Light (Sire, 1980).
4. MEAT PUPPETS Meat Puppets II (SST, 1983).
5. THE FEELIES Crazy Rhythms (Stiff, 1980).
6. R.E.M. Murmur (I.R.S., 1983).
7. DINOSAUR JR. You're Living All Over Me (SST, 1987).
8. JAPAN Tin Drum (Virgin, 1981).
9. LET'S ACTIVE Big Plans for Everybody (I.R.S., 1986).
10. ROXY MUSIC Avalon (Warner Bros., 1982).

Herod says: Ten years that seemed like only nine. Music began relying more on high technology--it no longer sounded like something four or five guys could play on their front porch. I think music should kick some butt, but not sound impossible. Thankfully, as the Eighties close, certain artists (Neil Young, Lou Reed, the Stones) have discovered this and are getting back to what they do well.

Horn says: Music changed from an art into a business. The things once held sacred became defamed (the very concept of revolution being used to sell shoes!), so we had to find new things to believe in. Music has become so powerful--both to unite and destroy--and at the same time so incredibly commonplace. I used to buy a lot of records; now I make my own music instead.

Algebra Ranch, Gin Blossoms

1. THE REPLACEMENTS Let It Be (Twin/Tone, 1984).
2. POGUES Rum Sodomy and the Lash (Stiff/MCA, 1985).
3. THE SMITHEREENS Especially for You (Enigma, 1986).
4. U2 Boy (Island, 1980).
5. BANGLES Different Light (CBS, 1986).
6. BODEANS Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams (Slash, 1986).
7. R.E.M. Murmur (I.R.S., 1983).
8. 10,000 MANIACS In My Tribe (Elektra, 1987).
9. INDIGO GIRLS Indigo Girls (Epic, 1989).
10. PLIMSOULS Everywhere at Once (Geffen, 1983).

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Sun Club
(in alphabetical order)

THE CLASH Combat Rock (Epic, 1982).
ENGLISH BEAT I Just Can't Stop It (Sire, 1980).
fIREHOSE if'n (SST, 1987).
MEAT PUPPETS Monsters (SST, 1989).
ROY ORBISON Mystery Girl (Virgin, 1989).
THE SMITHEREENS Especially for You (Enigma, 1986).
STEEL PULSE Earth Crisis (Elektra, 1983).
TALKING HEADS Speaking in Tongues (Sire, 1983).
UB40 Labour of Love (A&M, 1983).

X Live at the Whisky A Go-Go on the Fabulous Sunset Strip (Elektra, 1988).

The Eighties presented new attitudes, and artists reached much further in combining various styles, therefore opening the music industry's ears.


Algebra Ranch, Mortal Engines, Undertow

1. THE SEX PISTOLS Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (Warner Bros., 1977).

2. PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Second Edition (Island/Warner Bros., 1979).
3. VAN HALEN Van Halen (Warner Bros., 1978).
4. SUN CITY GIRLS Sun City Girls (Placebo, 1984); Grotto of Miracles (Placebo, 1986); Horse Cock Phepner (Placebo, 1987).

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