DJ Dossier

Logan "Element" Howard on Whether or Not He's Retiring from the Turntables

In December, local turntable institution Logan "Element" Howard dropped a major bombshell on New Year's Eve: After 16 years of wowing crowds with his skills, he was finished with the DJ biz, saying, "It's time to call it quits." As in done-zo. Retired. Over and out.

A few weeks later, in mid-January, Howard announced he had one more gig in his arsenal and it would take place at the Blunt Club in Tempe. He even implicitly stated it was considered to be his "final show in AZ."

Apparently, he changed his mind and re-thought the whole retiring thing (especially after an outpouring of support from fans and fellow DJs), which might be why he started calling Thursday night's Blunt Club gig "The Rebirth of DJ Element." But then again, maybe he hasn't.

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