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With a new, streamlined roll call comprising Vyas, Vermillion and original drummer Andy Robillard, GoGoGo Airheart has been working since last summer on its new, as-yet-untitled album, due out this fall. Produced in part by Rocket From the Crypt/Hot Snakes leader John Reis, it's going to be, Vyas claims, "a transition record." A transition into what is anybody's guess -- all the bassist can say is that it'll have "a totally different vibe" and be "short and sweet, like, 35 minutes. When you look at all the classic records from the last half of the '60s, they were all about that long." Rest assured, though, that the new GoGoGo Airheart album will -- like the ones that preceded it -- set the standard against which the rest of the world's post-punk pretenders must be measured.

"There are so many other bands that are rocking that are influenced by the same kind of stuff as we are," he says in defense of the scene his band helped found. "They're making a mark, too. True, the Rapture may be a focal point of what's going on, but where those guys have gone on to the next level, we're still trying to figure our shit out."

So honestly, Vyas doesn't have the slightest bad taste in his mouth when it comes to being outshone and outsold by his legion of protgs?

"Dude, we did it first," he confesses at last, finally showing a crack in his easygoing modesty. "It's crazy, 'cause so many of these popular bands have either been directly in contact with us or have heard of us, and I definitely feel like they've been influenced by us. I mean, of course, we didn't really invent anything; the shit was done first decades ago. But I feel that what we're doing is still ahead of the pack.

"Sometimes," he concludes, "the leaders have to take the fall so that the minions behind them can kind of take over."

And so, just like the star-crossed aviatrix Amelia Earhart, GoGoGo Airheart is a daring pioneer lost somewhere in the dark waters of enigma and myth, perhaps never to adorn the cover of Spin or get name-dropped on The O.C. Fuck it. Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

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