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"He was certainly valuable for attracting attention; that's what he was there for, obviously. Because he's Courtney Love's father, he's gonna bring people and the media out. So it was good for attracting attention, but it was probably a mistake. We got a little bit too associated with Hank Harrison. In retrospect I don't know if I'd do it again."

Altogether, the book succeeds in presenting its case. Most facts presented are immutable, and those that aren't completely verifiable are treated as such, with criticism from all sides being presented.

The case is a fascinating mystery, made all the more intriguing by the notoriety of its subjects. And despite the authors' association with sources of questionable character, their conclusion is undeniably logical: that the case should be reopened and reexamined by an outside law enforcement agency. This is still far from happening.

Reactions to Who Killed Kurt Cobain? have been generally positive, even from Courtney Love's camp. "Actually what's happened is quite interesting," Wallace says, "because I think at the time we were having all those problems, when Courtney was coming after us and sending her goons to find out what we had, they were very worried, they didn't know what we were doing. They wanted the manuscripts, that's what this guy [lawyer-investigator Jack Palladino] was demanding. Now that it's come out and they've been able to read it, I think they realize that it's a lot more fair than they expected.

"We haven't gotten any death threats or legal threats or anything like that." No death threats. That may be the ultimate endorsement when dealing with Courtney Love.

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